Although most of our stock contains sourced items, we still love to craft merchandise with our own two hands and tools. If you have a specific request, please call, e-mail, or come visit us! Below is a sampling of custom products, including belts, guitar straps, camera straps, suspenders, and knife sheaths, which we have made for our customers, as well as for the shop:

Bags, pouches, and portfolios can also be custom made, some of which are shown in the gallery to the left.

Top Row (from left to right): We have our Perfectly Flat bag, which fits a 15" laptop and generally comes in either brown or black (pictured here in brown). The center image shows our Lucky bag--named for its appearance in Lucky magazine. To its right is our Barrel bag which could be used as a backpack. 

Middle Row: Pictured here is our Shield bag in mustard yellow nubuck.  In black, is our oversized shoulder/crossbody Weekender bag. The Two-Pocket Deerskin Belt Pouch is perfect for carrying the essentials on your hips.

Bottom Row: The Extra-Large Belt Pouch and the Medium-Sized Belt Pouch can be made to fit a cell phone or any important tool you need handy on your belt. Our Portfolio perfectly fits a 15" laptop.

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