Back in the day several leather shops in the Village offered custom made sandals. To the trained eye it was evident who was crafting what. Native Leather sandals were unique in the choices of leather for the straps on the lace-up styles and the pads used for arch supports. The same kudu is currently used on lace-ups which are designed such that one continuous lace runs through the sole and can be fastened around the ankle with a knot or a buckle. This design makes it possible to have a perfect fit even after several years of wear and the inevitable stretching of the laces. All styles come with arch supports sized according to the customers feet.

Although it is strongly recommended to get a pair custom made to your feet, we offer some ready-made pairs as shown to the right.

Pictured: a pair of Judy's with tan straps a dark brown top sole, a crepe bottom sole , stitched and ready for our customer.

The Process of Getting Custom Made Sandals:   

Step 1: Pick the style. There is a display of samples in the shop which should be tried on to help you decide which style is best for your feet. Step 2: We trace both of your bare feet to make a pattern. Step 3: Options--choose the color of straps (lace-ups are dark brown only), color of top sole, material for bottom sole (leather or crepe), stitching or cobbling the top and bottom sole together, and for lace-ups; how long you would like the laces to be. Step 4: The fitting--is usually done a couple of days after the initial order and takes about a half an hour. On all the styles with fixed straps made from English bridal leather we tack the straps to fit and have you walk in the shop to determine how the finished product will look and fit. Lace-ups do not usually require a fitting. Step 5: Pick them up, put them on, break them in (wetting the straps with water speeds the process), & enjoy for many years!

Credits: Over the years Native Leather has made sandals for the Broadway production of "Mama Mia" , the Woody Allen movie " Mighty Aphrodite",  The Metropolitan Opera , several designers for "Fashion Week" including Ralph Lauren and Yigal Azrouel, and many fashion spreads in magazines such as "Vogue" and " Elle".

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